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Condom Breaks

What to do when the condom tears / breaks / slips out?
  1. Stop having sex immediately.
  2. Remove condom and wash yourself with warm water. For ladies, if you suspect your partner has ejaculated inside you, DO NOT use strong antiseptics and caustic soaps to wash the intimate areas.
  3. There can be a risk of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Do come down to our clinic for a discussion on whether you may be suitable for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV. In addition, screening tests for STDs may be required after an appropriate interval.
  4. For ladies, if you are not on regular oral contraception, emergency contraception is also available and can be considered.


Here are the usual reasons for 'condom accidents' :-

Why do condoms tear / break?
  • poor quality or expired condoms
  • condom was not kept properly ( eg. left in the car in the sun )
  • damaged by nails or teeth when opening condom
  • insufficient lubrication - most condoms available in Singapore are pre-lubricated but if the receptive ( anal or vaginal ) partner is too dry, or if sex was prolonged,
  • it may not be sufficient.
  • rough sex
  • inappropriate lubricant - always use water-based lubricants with condoms; oil-based ones such as massage oils can increase the risk of breaks.
  • 2 condoms were used simultaneously - double condoms actually increase the risk of breakage when the 2 condoms rub against each other.
Why do condoms slip out?
  • rough sex or prolonged sex
  • penis was not fully erect when the condom was put on; or penis goes soft during sex
  • condom was not rolled down completely to the base of the penis
  • condom was too big - condoms smaller than the standard sized ones may be available at specialty shops


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