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Anonymous HIV Testing

Since July 2013, Kensington Family Clinic is an approved Anonymous HIV Testing Site by the Ministry of Health Singapore.

What is anonymous HIV testing?

Anonymous HIV testing does not require you to provide any names, NRIC numbers or contact numbers. Instead, a number is usually assigned to the test which allows the person being tested to receive the test results. No personal particulars are recorded, even with positive results of the HIV tests.

What are the steps to doing an anonymous HIV test at Kensington Family Clinic?
  1. For registration, inform our counter staff you would like to do AHT, or anonymous testing.
  2. You will be required to fill in an anonymous questionnaire but no personal identifiable details are required.
  3. You will then be registered with an anonymous registration number AHT-XXXXX and entered into the current clinic queue.
  4. When it comes to your turn, you will be asked to enter the doctor's room for your anonymous HIV testing.
  5. Pre- and post-test counselling will be provided to all persons who undergo anonymous HIV testing. The person will also be given information on the "window period" for HIV infection.
  6. You can choose between doing an anonymous HIV rapid test using either oral fluid or blood from finger prick using rapid HIV test kits registered with the Health Sciences Authority.
  7. The results of the rapid HIV tests will take approximately 20 minutes, during which you may either wait in the clinic waiting area or step outside the clinic for a walk.
  8. After 20 minutes, you will be asked to enter the doctor's room again for the test result. A result slip showing the type of rapid HIV test performed and the result "Non-Reactive" may be provided to you upon request.
  9. Persons with reactive rapid HIV test results will be asked to provide a venous blood sample for further laboratory-based confirmatory Western Blot testing. The cost of the confirmatory testing is free of charge and will be borne by the government. There will be no extra charges for the confirmatory testing. The results for the confirmatory testing will take up to two weeks. Again, no personal details are required and the confirmatory testing is also fully anonymous.
  10. Persons who are found to be HIV-positive will be given appropriate medical advice and counselling. We provide referrals to Communicable Disease Centre, private infectious disease specialists or even overseas hospital specialists for HIV follow-up and management.


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